Tuition & Fees

Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an average estimate of what it costs a typical undergraduate student to attend Howard University for one academic year. Your cost of attendance estimate doesn't only include tuition. It also takes basic living and commuting expenses into account.

The actual amount you pay, and the amount it costs you for one academic year, will always differ from the cost of attendance.

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Estimate Your Costs

Use our net price calculator to estimate your costs for attending Howard University

Net Price Calculator

Need Financial Aid Assistance?

Financial aid is money used to help students and their families pay for college. Financial aid can come from the federal government, the state where the student lives, the school the student attends, or a nonprofit or private organization. Financial aid is used to cover all educational expenses. Financial aid comes in the form of grants, institutional and external scholarships, work study and loans.

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Billing & Payment Questions

Billing and payment is handled by the Office of the Bursar. The Office of the Bursar assists you with billing and payment due dates, refunds, removing financial holds, and more.

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