Students Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to obtain information from Howard University:

  1. Procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for each available financial aid program
  2. Procedures necessary for reapplying for financial aid each year and any priority filing dates
  3. Cost of attending (COA) Howard University (Howard) and its refund policy
  4. Criteria used to select financial aid recipients
  5. Process of how federal student financial need is determined
  6. The amount of financial need that has been met due to awarding of financial aid
  7. Information about the resources considered in the calculation of financial need
  8. Available financial aid programs (e.g., federal, institutional, donor funded) and their requirements
  9. Knowledge of how various financial aid program eligibilities are determined (subject to be unavailable based on proprietary funding models)
  10. Knowledge of how decisions on financial aid eligibility are made, the basis for these decisions, and the procedures for reconsidering of a financial aid package if it is believed that a mistake has been made or if circumstances have changed
  11. Type and amount of assistance in a student financial aid award package and an explanation of each award (subject to be unavailable based on proprietary funding models)
  12. Procedure of how satisfactory academic progress for Financial Aid (SAP) is determined, information about the status of SAP being met, and the policy and process to follow if it is not being met
  13. Information about what happens if there is withdrawal from courses, complete withdrawal or drop out during a semester or year
  14. Information about what portion of their financial aid is loan(s), grant(s)/gift- based, Federal Work-Study, etc.
  15. Interest rate on loans, the length of time in which the loans must be repaid, the projected start date of repayment, and applicable deferment and cancellation provisions
  16. Who (which offices – internal and external) can provide further advice
  17. Special facilities and services available to persons with disabilities

Students have these responsibilities:

  1. Meet all deadlines for applying or reapplying for aid (e.g., federal, institutional, donor funded, etc.).
  2. Pay close attention when completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA).
  3. Carefully review, consider, and understand all information provided regarding Howard financial assistance programs, performance expectations, degree/program requirements, and student responsibilities prior to enrolling.
  4. Complete all requirements for financial aid (acceptance of awards, completion of loan entrance and exit counseling, completing the master promissory note (MPN), SAP appeals, etc. It is illegal to allow anyone else to complete the aforementioned requirements for you.
  5. understand that financial aid eligibility is determined in accordance with federal regulations, state statutes, policies and procedures, donor fund agreements, appropriations (e.g., existing or anticipated) of the U.S. Congress, etc.
  6. Understand that being in default of a federal student loan (Stafford, Parent PLUS, Grad PLUS) or owing any refund on federal funds [Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG] received at Howard or any other post-secondary institution disqualifies the receipt/payment of financial aid.
  7. Understand the SAP policy and procedures and the in order to receive financial aid the requirements of SAP must be met/maintained.
  8. Understand Howard’s refund policy and the Return to Title IV Refund policy.
  9. Respond in a timely manner regarding offers of financial assistance by the financial aid notification letter and indicate the acceptance or rejection of offered financial aid.
  10. Understand that financial aid eligibility is subject to adjustment or cancellation in the event changes occur in regulations, state statutes, policies and procedures, appropriations, etc. during the period of my award.
  11. Complete all required forms accurately and submit them to the correct locations by the published deadlines. Errors will cause delays or prevent the awarding of financial aid.
  12. Understand that Howard may partner with a third-party company to assist with processing various aspects of financial aid (e.g., verification). Work with the third-party company to complete processes in a timely manner.
  13. Provide all additional documentation, verification, corrections and/or new information requested/required by the Office of Financial Aid, Howard, and/or third-party companies with which Howard has partnered.
  14. Understand that the eligibility of transfer students is subject to adjustment or cancellation based on information received regarding financial aid usage at previous institutions.
  15. Understand that intentional misreporting of information on application forms for federal aid is a violation of the law and is considered a criminal offense subject to penalties under the United States Criminal Code.
  16. Maintain good academic standing and make satisfactory academic progress.
  17. Inform the Office of Financial Aid of all outside scholarships or resources that are received, as these must be considered as part of your COA.
  18. Notify the Howard of any changes in attendance (withdrawal from courses, withdrawal from school) name, address, marital status, housing situation, or expected graduation date.
  19. Understand that there are repayment obligations on any educational loan (e.g., federal, private, institutional).
  20. Understand the responsibility to repay any financial aid funds due as a result of withdrawal or overaward situation.
  21. Understand that financial aid may be denied, due to ineligibility (e.g. academic performance, etc.), credit checks performed on PLUS and private loans, in these cases I am responsible for any balance owed to Howard.
  22. Understand that further eligibility financial aid eligibility cannot be allowed until satisfactory repayment arrangements have been made.
  23. Understand that a financial aid, financial, student records hold will be put in place until satisfactory repayment arrangements have been made.
  24. Read, understand, and keep copies of all forms which are signed.